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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dotee Dolls Received

With Dotee Doll swaps still active, I wanted to show some of the whimsical dolls I've received. They are all so different! Some have beaded faces, some have wild hair. Many have embellishments and a few have bead tails. Dolls in these pictures were made by Kath L, Paula P, Cheryl B, Pam N, Marja M, Mary Jane B, and two from Barbara L and 'Berta F. Many thanks to the wonderfully creative people who have exchanged their art with me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Thoughts

Crimson cardinal whistles loud his sweet spring song.
I search with eye and ear to find the singer on the branch
but he is not so near.
Half-warmed gusts of wind
seem to waft the fragrance of fresh flowers.
But it is only the melt-
the earth caught half between winter and spring.
copyright 1990
Frog Serenade
The sweetest sound to my listening ear
is the chorus of peepers loud and clear
on a cold, damp night in spring!
copyright 1990
Spring's Fertile Beginnings
The strong green succulent sprout
pushes its way up through the mouldering forest floor.
Where once was death appears new life once more.
copyright 2001
To her true love she did bring
Spring's first heralds- pussy willows!
copyright 1992
Pussy willows, fuzzy white, now start to show some green;
and soon where kitten bundles were, new leaflets will be seen.
copyright 2004