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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Merry May

April flew by on dragon's wings.  The last of the snow fell (we do hope it's the last!).  Stirrings... of new energy, new creativity are awakening in me and I am eager to make something.  In fact, while recently rummaging through my craft room, I rediscovered an artful matchbox sent to me in the 1980's by DKA, an extremely talented artist in California.  This prompted a little research into "Matchbox Art" and "Matchbox Shrines" online.  I purchased 10-packs of small matchboxes at the grocer store and- the fun began.  I have many ideas for decorating and filling them, and, I am wondering who might like to "play art" and exchange with me.  The finished pieces can be mailed in padded envelopes (or even regular greeting card envelopes) as "1st Class Parcels."  (This I know because I work at the post office now.)  I hope to share pictures on this blog when I can.  Any interest?