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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Toad du Jour

This little toad was hopping along toward the bird feeder (?) in the middle of the yard.  He seemed exposed to danger until I walked away, then looked back- at first glance I couldn't find him!  Isn't he cute............ 

Daily Bread

Today was bread-baking day.  I like to make a big batch to freeze.  Nine loaves went in (one of them a cinnamon swirl) and eight made it.  (The ninth loaf was underdone, I left it in, walked away, forgot about it.  End of story...)  Oh, the house smells so good!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scrapbook/Art Journal

Several months ago I decided to express some thoughts with collage.  The "Pain" page was a relief valve after having a very stressful job which took a terrible physical toll.  Fortunately I am moving on with life...

Two More PostCards to Swap

The only trouble with adding 3-D embellishments is packaging and postage prices!

Postcard Fun

I stumbled across a mail art exchange website:  Mail Me Some Art, and decided to make up some post cards to swap with potential new art-pals.  It feels good to get the creative impulses flowing again, also fun to get ideas from newspaper ads!  I'm hoping my mailbox will be inundated with amazing art.