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Saturday, April 26, 2014

And a few more trip pictures

I almost didn't recognize the town I left behind five years ago:  new expressway exits/on-ramps, double-lane highways, numerous high-rise hotels were some of the changes to the landscape.  It seems the economy took off when I departed.  Hmmmmmm..............
The little peak on this porch roof charmed me, as you might imagine, so I pulled over and took the picture hoping everyone was gone to church.  It would freak me out to see strangers stopping to take pictures of MY house!
 This charming Victorian mansion graces the top of a rise in a small village.
Friends and I had a delightful lunch together in this depot made into a diner.

Waterfalls Amidst My Wanderings

This dirty snowbank was probably 8 - 10 feet tall (compare to the telephone poles), although it had been much higher before temperatures rose enough to reduce its bulk.  With the snow still melting,water levels of creeks, rivers and falls were at a high mark:

Time Takes Its Toll

More pictures of my wanderings during a visit to friends:

This garage (barn?) caught my attention.  Obviously no longer in use, it spoke of days gone by and was a little sad sitting all alone by the road, doing its best to stand up to the ravages of winter storms and hot summer suns.  I was tempted to look in the broken windows.

Wanderings... barns and silo's

These barns were sprinkled over the countryside and I enjoyed immensely taking pictures as I drove in between friends' houses during my stay.  The corn shocks were in an Amish field.  I had never before seen stalks piled up in teepee shapes!