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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Small Wonders At Dusk

As I stood in the gentle breezes of nightfall,
a stark white light to the west
peeked down from behind a leafy bower:
the sickle moon, and it was upright-
not cupped like a cereal bowl as in times past.
Had the earth righted itself since last I noticed?
An axis is a curious thing.

Two fireflies hailed each other
within the sparsely fruited branches
of the ancient crab apple tree.

To the south, a large white cloud bank
steadily and swiftly rose
against the darkening canopy.
Among its layers
played opposing bursts of sheet lightening.

With so much to watch, 
I didn't know which direction to face.
I wanted to drink it all in at once.
So seldom I stand silent and still,
eyes and ears attuned
to the natural world around me.

Anticipating the storm,
no twinkling stars dared grace the skies
this night.

And then- the mosquitoes began to land.

Picking My Way Through The Seasons

For me, each summer/fall is associated with different harvests. Each ripening fruit presents an opportunity to put up preserves. First are the strawberries, then the blueberries.  The delivery truck from Georgia brings an out-of-sequence delight:  luscious southern peaches.  Black caps precede (or should I write "pre-seed?") red raspberries; then come blackberries, elderberries, local peaches, and lovely Concord grapes. Last of all apples, of which Cortland and MacIntosh are my favorites.  I enjoy making up the various fruits into jams, jellies and fruit butters for nice holiday gifts which sit pleasantly on a warm piece of buttered whole wheat toast on a cold winter's night.