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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Repurposed Paper Towels

Here is my latest experiment after seeing the possibilities on YouTube tutorials.

This is how I made these post cards.  First, I dredged the waste paper basket for paper towels I had used to clean acrylic paints off my Gelli Printing Plate.  I flattened them, ironed them, and over-stamped them with rubber stamp inks.

The post cards I spattered with rubber stamp ink.  Then I cut the paper towels into shapes, and using a glue stick, I attached the pieces to the ink-spattered post cards.  I machine stitched around each shape with variegated thread, and- Voila!  I'm hoping MMSA will have a Repurposed Paper Towels Swap sometime.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

SILVER MUSE - A New Endeavor

Yes, I have volunteered to guest host a themed group post card exchange:  SILVER MUSE, in memory of a special mail artist who was very talented.  The first post cards arrived today.  I was so pleased and excited to find them in my mail box, and am looking forward to arrivals over the next few weeks.
Claudia F. gave me this, stenciled with acrylic
paint and engraved metal flashing

These were the four pieces I made using silver ink, gold and silver acrylic paints, stencils, and silver glitter on photo matte board.