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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Throw Like A Girl

Spring is finally here! (Let's hope we don't get more snow.) My lovely tulips and daffodils are opening. I took this picture of wild daffodils while hiking in Alabama 2010. They seemed to grow everywhere like dandelions do here.

Yesterday I put out three hummingbird feeders, although the tiny wonders are not due back for a couple more weeks. Today I was enjoying a view of the birds at the seed feeder. Soon they flew off, and a bunch of orange fluff took their place. Red squirrel! Banging cans together or just shouting, I chased it off several times, only to watch it sit on a tree limb above my reach, laughing at me and twitching its tail. Later, I ran out of the house and lobbed a can of tomato soup at it, hoping to really scare it away- but after three tries, I only succeeded in denting my soup can.

It's not that I particularly hate red squirrels, but I do not want them around eating the birdseed and also- if they get into the house they are known to chew on electrical wires. Maybe it's time for live trapping and transplanting. Hmmmm

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