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Friday, March 3, 2017

Mood Lifters List

Yesterday it occurred to me to have a "Bag Day" each week, where I go through the collection of snippets and clippings which, when I swept off the work table to make more space, ended up in white trash bags.  What's the use of cutting out/saving/storing stuff if I (forget I have it and) never use it?

Several hours were well-spent sorting, and a few started projects found completion when forgotten collage elements were added here and there.

At the bottom of a bag was this list, which may be original, or may have been copied from some unknown source.

Perhaps the suggestions will help people who live in the Northeast part of the country and may suffer depression or lack of energy during the shortage of sunlight during winter months.  (I sometimes work under a full-spectrum goose-neck lamp which mimics sunlight.  Mine is by OTT Lite) 


1.  look at photographs
2.  consume Omega-3 fats 
(found in salmon, for example)
(What about supplementing Vitamin D?)
3.  breathe in the aromas of orange or lavender
4.  get some early morning light and exercise
5.  boost daily light exposure and exercise
6.  have a hot beverage
7.  organize or clear up some clutter
8.  think rapidly (?)
9,  go out, have fun
10. smile
11. allow "zone-out" time
12. spend frequent time with up-beat people
13. chop vegetables
14. volunteer to help someone/somewhere
15. be grateful
16. make a TO-DO list


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