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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Packing Tape/Stencils Image Transfer

Packing tape transfer with stencils  
Heavy-duty clear 2" wide packaging tape
plastic stencil or stencils
magazine images (glossy finish pages)

1. Place picture/image on flat surface

2. Lay your stencil over the part of the image you want to lift off

3. Arrange strips of clear packing tape over the whole image,
overlapping the strips by 1/4"

4. Burnish with a tool or your fingers to adhere the tape to the
page (through the openings in the stencils)

5. Soak the layered project in a sink with several inches of very
warm (hot) water until the tape easily comes off the stencil
6. Peel the tape off carefully so the strips don't come apart
from each other, also so the stencil won't bend or break

7. Gently rub the back side of the wet page until paper comes
off, leaving the image adhered to the tape (may need to scrub).
DO NOT, DO NOT put paper rubbings down your sink drain.

8. Allow to dry, use "skins", whole or portions of the image, in your
layered art.

Precautions: Don't use stencils with small parts that might come off.

 HHC per DAVIDA F. - 10/7/2017

Stencil over picture

Tape lift-off

What's left on original picture

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