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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Rock City Park Adventure

Rain gave way to sunshine, 
a perfect day for exploring 
a geological point of interest:  
The "World's Largest 
Exposure of Quartz Conglomerate."  
"Bottle Tree" in parking lot
But first, a meander through the 
Gem and Mineral Show.  
Quite a few vendors tempted 
with crystals and polished 
rocks, lots of pretties.  
I mostly resisted temptation though.

Top surface of conglomerate rocks

The lumpy weathered tops of the rocks 
looked like buckled, cracked asphalt.

Close-up of quartz pebbles embedded in rock matrix
Interesting corridors
Tight passes

Striking eroded pock marks

Very neat stack

Unexpecting sighting
It was a fun day!

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